11 St. Patrick’s Day Desserts

With St. Patrick’s Day one week away, it is time to begin thinking of some St. Paddy’s desserts to bake! Here are 11 St. Patrick’s Day desserts to get your sweet tooth on.

1. Surprise-Inside St. Paddy’s Day Cupcakes

Photo courtesy of Heather Baird

This surprise is perfect for children who are lucky enough to try these Lucky Charms and sprinkles filled cupcakes! (recipe)

2. St. Patrick’s Day Lime Poke Cake

Photo courtesy of Food Network Kitchen

A cake that is just the right amount of sweet and flavor infused with a hint of green to give it the Irish color it deserves. (recipe)

3. Irish Bread Pudding with Jack Daniels Caramel-Whiskey Sauce

mDAVRyboR1GNqAqctKCg_irish-bread-pudding-with-whiskey-caramel-sauce (1 of 4).jpg
Photo courtesy of thecookierookie

A traditional St. Patrick’s Day Dessert for any adult (with a kid-friendly version included in the recipe as well!)

4. Lucky Rainbow Bark

Photo courtesy of The Domestic Rebel

A fun and colorful white chocolate bark that will drive children crazy for more! (recipe)

5. Homemade Shamrock Marshmallows

Photo courtesy of Miss Candiquick

A cute addition that can be eaten as is or in warm hot chocolate. (recipe)

6. No-Bake Lucky Charms Treats

Photo courtesy of Holly Lofthouse

A quick and easy-to-make last minute dessert that is a twist on the usual Rice Cereal Treats. (recipe)

7. Mint Chocolate Cookies

Photo courtesy of Lindi Haws

No need for chocolate chips, use Mint M&M’s to give a new flavor to chocolate cookies! (recipe)

8. Leprechaun Hat S’mores

If there happens to be an unlucky Leprechaun looking around for his hat, he would be lucky to stumble upon these delicious treats. (recipe)

9. Mint Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Bites

Photo courtesy of Love To Be In The Kitchen

A hint of mint and egg-free, edible cookie dough bites take a minty twist for St. Patrick’s Day! (recipe)

10. Mint and Chocolate Fudge Oreo Bars

Photo courtesy of Averie Sunshine

Check out that bite… Mint and Chocolate go together like PB&J in this recipe! (recipe)

11. Mint Chocolate Chip Cheesecake Dip

Photo courtesy of Chocolate Mousey

Looking to dip your chocolate cream cookie? Look no further! (recipe)

12. Shamrock Surprise Krispie Treats

Photo courtesy of Yesterday on Tuesday

The how-to on making a shamrock edible! (recipe)

Get your St. Patrick’s Day dessert game on!


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