Pretty Little Relationships

On Tuesday, March 15, 2016 the 6th season finale of Pretty Little Liars  premiered on Freeform and this calls for a trip down memory lane.

The girls have gone through so much ever since the first season. From believing A was almost every guess character possible, to finally finding out A was Charlotte, Alison’s transgender sister to now out of college and believing there is another A out in the world. The show is coming to yet another close before its final season ever.

What is a series without a little love? Throughout the seasons, some of the girls had gone through relationships after relationships, and the others have found their special someone, or so they thought.

(No spoilers of the season finale in this article!)

Let’s go through a quick run through of who dated who out of the main four girls, shall we?

Emily Fields:

The only one out of the girls who is a lesbian has had her girl on girl heartbreak. She had originally hid her true sexuality from everyone until one day she finally accepted it. Emily has had three big relationships and a couple brief ones.

1. Alison and Emily

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It all began with Alison DiLaurentis, her first secret girlfriend and first girl kiss. Alison and Emily’s relationship ends when Alison lies to Emily and they have a falling out until later in following seasons they reconcile.

2. Maya and Emily

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Her next girlfriend was Maya St. Germain who unfortunately died after being murdered by her fake cousin ‘Nate’ who really was named Lyndon James. Maya was Emily’s second love after Alison.

3. Paige and Emily

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Paige McCullers was one of Emily’s longest relationships she ever had. They both met through swimming and at first Paige was embarrassed to be in love with another girl, but their love becomes public and their relationship ends when Paige moves to California.

Hanna Marin:

Known as the fashionista on the show, Hanna is all for boys, fashion, beauty and partying. She has had her fair share of getting around but settled with one teenage boy when she was in high school. Hanna moved to New York to work as a Fashion Designer after the five year fast forward and is engaged to a British man right now.

1. Hanna and Caleb Rivers

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All hail team ‘HALEB!’ The most beautiful couple in all of Rosewood. Their love for each other was almost unbreakable, until they split up and Hanna had moved on and found a new man to make her happy, or so she thought.

2.  Jordan Hobart


eric mccandless:freeform.png
Photo courtesy of Eric McCandless/Freeform

Viewers are introduced to the man that Hanna is engaged to and boy is he a sight to see. Although I am not a supporter of Hanna and Jordan because I am all for team ‘Haleb,’ I do respect her choice in men because he is very protective of he.

Spencer Hasting:

A classy girl who has had many boyfriends but she has had two major boys in her life who fans are either for one team or the other. Her love of academics and field hockey brought her to Georgetown University where she ended up breaking up with her most supported boyfriend by fans and onto a next secret love interest.

1. Spencer and Toby Cavanaugh
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Also known as ‘Spoby,’ this couple lasted through almost all of high school and some of college and broke fans hearts when they split up.

2. Spencer and Caleb Rivers

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Now known as ‘Spaleb,’ Pretty Little Liars fanatics freaked out when they found out that this new couple got together, especially after Spencer’s best friend and Caleb’s long time ex-girlfriend had found out. The heart-break is still very real.

Aria Montgomery:

Aria is a flowery character who loves art and reading. She finds herself falling in love with her high school teacher named Ezra and secretly dates him. Eventually her secret is let out and they have an on and off relationship. In the new season she dates a boy named Liam who she met at work, but let’s be real, she is meant to be with Ezra.

abc family aka freeform.jpg
Photo courtesy of ABC Family (now known as Freeform)

The most mature and most romantic relationship out of all the girls goes to ‘Ezria.’ They ironically meet at a bar when Aria was in high school and she finds out he is her English teacher when she goes to class the next day. Due to their age difference, they had many difficulties throughout the years that they were together because of Aria’s parents and their different wishes.

So who is your favorite Pretty Little Liars Couple?



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