Seasonal Fatty Sundays On Sunday

Easter is exactly a week away and there are so many options other than my past posts about Easter chocolates. Fatty Sundays is known for their homemade chocolate covered pretzels.

Fatty Sundays was created by two sisters who wanted to combine their favorite sweet and salty treats: chocolate and pretzels. A combination that I personally think goes just like peanut butter and jelly. Most of the pretzels are rod-shaped and are covered in white, dark, or milk chocolate, and topped with sprinkles, nuts or any other topping you could think of.

Fatty Sundays sent me their Easter Pretzels just in time for the holiday to promote on @feedyoursoull. After just one bite, I automatically gave the company a 10/10 for their sweet and salty creation:



Ways to eat Fatty Sundays:

  1. As is
  2. Break into small pieces and top on ice cream
  3. Break into small pieces and stuff in cookies, brownies, cupcakes, etc…
  4. Break into small pieces and top on cookies, brownies, cupcakes

The company offers many seasonal holiday treats such as Halloween color themed pretzels, Christmas color themed pretzels, Hanukkah color themed pretzels, Valentine’s Day color themed pretzels and more.

The pretzels also come in different flavors such as S’mores, Coffee, Red Velvet, and more. They are available to order for delivery nationwide.

The company has was recently featured on the Today Show.


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