When Yelp Meets the Food Network Channel

How did no one think of creating a television program of angry Yelp reviewers before? The Food Network has announced the new show coming to its channel called 12 Hungry Yelpers.

The new program is going to take all of the crazy comments that some angry, hungry, satisfied, and many more other Yelp users have written on the site about restaurants to help the restaurants improve.

Photo courtesy of Scott Eells/BLoomberg via Getty Images

According the the Daily News, Monti Carlo the Master Chef finalist from season three will be the host of the series. The 12 Hungry Yelpers will be writers that do not have any culinary or restaurant expertise which will make it much more relatable to restaurant-goers. The show is said to premiere this fall.

On a personal note, although I have never written a Yelp review myself, I do use the website often. One of my close friends, did write a strongly worded review for a restaurant called Torchy’s Tacos on SMU Blvd…let’s just say she was very frustrated:

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 9.39.45 PM.png
Photo Courtesy of Nicole C on Yelp

Would you vote for Nicole to be on 12 Hungry Yelpers?

Yelp is a website that is used by real customers to leave reviews about restaurants so that new customers can view the reviews prior to attending the restaurant and see if he or she would be interested in eating at the location.

The website has become well known for their hilarious comments left by upset customers on restaurants that did not satisfy their expectations.


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